Some details about Michael. Edit

Michael is currently an active Moderator that joined this Club Penguin Private Server in the times of development. He discovered it on April 9, 2015 because of people advertising on other servers. He soon decided to create an account and enjoyed meeting new people on the server and always was one of the people to help out. Michael has always liked programming since the beginning and he claims that one day he will release his own Club Penguin Private Server.

When Michael joined the Staff team. Edit

Michael was always looking out to help people. He noticed that the owner of the Club Penguin Private Server ''Believe'' has finally opened up Job Applications. Michael thought, why not make an application? Michael was very quickly approved and welcomed to the team along with Staff members ''RandomGuyG'' and ''Gravity'' on April 9, 2015. He has been active since then and always wants to come up with new ideas. You can see Michael on the servers up to this day helping people out.

Trivia. Edit

  • He's from Chicago.
  • He plans on creating a Club Penguin Private Server of his own and releasing it to the public.
  • He has a lot of experience with Club Penguin Private Servers.
  • His nick name is Mike.
  • He enjoys Programming.