NintendoJam is an Active Moderator on CPData and A Commercial Maker Of CPData.

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About NintendoJamEdit

Name: NintendoJam

NintendoJam is A Female Trial Moderator On CPData who joined on April 12th 2015. She at first was kinda shy and up and down. As she got to knew the people of CPData she quickly unravled herself making great friends. She is liked by many users and is sometimes given High Praise by some users. On May 8th 2015 she has been put to a tester mod position and is being evaluated into seeing if She will become an actual moderator. 

Another thing she is popular for is creating the very first commercial on the internet for CPData. She plans to make more Commercial in the future. 


  • In Game she Is Married to RandomGuyG
  • She is 14 years old
  • Her personality is outgoing and optimist. She is also a mix of Tomboy and Girlish.
  • She is a Video Game person, and is a runner as an athlete in Cross Country and Track and Field.
  • Her Favorite Game series are Mario, Pikmin, Zelda, Sonic, and Life Sim games
  • Nicknames are Ninten and Ninja
  • Her Real Name Is Aurora
  • She Currently Resides in Pennsylvania but wishes she Lived in North Carolina

Other InformationEdit